Holy shit, I love you fucks so much.

I need to stay in contact with you guys - I'm going to try using LiveJournal frequently.

So that being said, who do I need to add from OB or Bootycon?



I just went back 380 posts trying to catch up on LJ. I gave up.

I don't come here too often. I don't post too often.

Life is okay. Generally a bit strange. Dealing with a lot of change. That's just part of growing up I guess.

Maybe when I figure out which direction my life is going to take in the next few months, I'll post about it.

Love you guys.

Meaningful Update?


So I figured I might be do for an actual update. About my life. So I went through and looked at the last few entries I've made, and the only one talking about anything mildly meaningful was me being angsty about the future, and how I felt like I was on the verge of a major life change.

Indeed I was going (and am going through) a major life change! Within the past week, I was accepted into Junctionview Studios where I will be sharing an art studio with Tom! This is huge for me! It was something I thought I really had to work for, and might achieve a few years after graduation. I know the waiting list for studio space is long, so to be called in for interviews was really amazing.

Tom and I started moving in yesterday, and by the end of the week I should be practically living there (not actually, we're not allowed to sleep there).

What does this mean for me? It means I have no more excuses! I have a place to work, a large place to work. I can be surrounded by incredibly talented people and hopefully some of their talent will rub off on me. I am part of the indie art scene in Columbus now! I'll be participating in more shows, I'll be learning (Tom and I plan on starting screen printing soon), and I'll be getting myself out there.


There are other things to be happy for as well. Work is going really great. Currently I am the only person in our marketing department! The other graphic design intern moved after graduation, and they still haven't found a replacement marketing director. So I've moved into the nice comfy L-shaped desk. Yes, I have the corner office with a view. Two monitors. Tons of time to work. I love my job right now!

I'm also involving myself in more things around town. I've gone to a few events at Wild Goose Creative and this past weekend participated in Bacon Camp, where I made my Maple Bacon Cupcakes. I'm also in the process of designing an advertisement for an upcoming event at Wild Goose!

You know, looking back on this post, I'm doing pretty darn good. Not bad at all for someone who doesn't have their college degree yet! Suck it, naysayers!

Best Week in Cbus

Origins + Comfest

I still feel ragged and worn out, which is the sign of a great weekend.


Today at work I made this almost entirely in Illustrator! I'm really proud of myself, since 2 weeks ago I was lost in the program. Yeah sure, I used this this tutorial and I focused more on technique than on layout. But now I know how to do it and can concentrate on a good design next time.

rising stars hot card

I'm also a little proud of the typography, but not as much. Because I know I have a LONG way to go with that, and I'm sure to even an intermediate eye it looks amateur. But at least I'm aware of that!

The Mighty Boosh

I became slightly obsessed with this show about two weeks ago. Very unhealthy. So unhealthily obsessed in fact that I sought out awful fanart on DeviantART one night. I posted a number of them on my Twitter and you should seek them out because they are hilarious.

Well, I had to make my own. So here is Vince Noir (played by Noel Fielding). He's dreamy and such.


More Design Work

Someone (I think Matthew) said they wanted to see the Reusable Containers poster I made for a program that we really haven't rolled out yet. I made it about two months ago, so in terms of skill it's a little behind what I am doing now, but I still really like it.

Travel Mugs

I love that I torture you guys with posts from work about work instead of real content.

You want real content?

I went to see Del last night at Skully's and had more fun than I can currently process.

Tuesday I saw Carlton Cuse at OSU! He gave a short talk about LOST and how the creative process works. There was a Q&A session that was informative at times, and totally lame (thanks to the people asking the questions, not Cuse) at other times. Then we got to watch this weeks episode "Follow the Leader" before anyone else!

Tonight I'm going out for an old co-workers "I quit" party. There seem to be a lot of those these days.

So that's 3 times this week I've gone out, and 1 more to go on Saturday when I see Floorian play at Skully's. I think this is the most I've gone out in one week since I was 22. It's wearing me out! I'm such an old fart these days.

Calling for Design Help!

Okay, I'm working on a flier for work right now and I've stumbled across some problems. I've made what I consider to be a decent layout (eye catching and what not) but they want way too much information on this flier. A co-worker looked at it and said it looked too busy and suggested changing the color of the text (I changed some text to the yellow, before it was all green). I'm still not 100% about it, and since I have zero experience with design (I've never taken course work and am teaching myself as I go) I would appreciate input from designers. Suggest minor corrections (as in I don't want to do this all over again) that would make this readable.

Good news? I'm coming along slowly in Illustrator! Those multicolored lines? Yeah, those were done in Illustrator. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back.

ohio farm bureau

EDIT: It should be noted that the bottom 1/5 of this flier is going to be used to cut off and mail in information, so that's why that area isn't being used. Ignore that.


Some recent work I've done. This is the most ridiculous Bingo poster you will ever see. I made sure of it. Shit, Wednesday afternoons at The ViewPoint are going to be kickin'!


Reinventing Image

Okay, I've been tossing this around in my head for awhile.

If I want to seriously start injecting myself into the public eye via art (and I do), I need to market myself. This requires a branding of sorts. Branding my name, image, whatever. Those of you who are artists or performers already know what I'm talking about, so maybe you can guide me.

Problem. I've already branded myself to some extent with "leechan". I've had it since I was a freshman in college (nearly 7 years ago) and I've used it for nearly every social networking site (except MySpace). How do you feel about this name? As a potential viewer/customer do you think less of me for having such a ... well. You guys know what I'm saying, right? "leechan" smacks of a different time and lifestyle. It was when I still wrote in this LJ about animu and things being "kawaii desu ne!" and shit like that. But then there are respectable artists who have this work for them, such as spookychan. And cosplayers make it work for them as well.

So do I stick with that, or do I try and reinvent who I am? I could go with my real name (which I think is bland) or I could go with something similar like "L. Steward".

Argh! I'm so conflicted over this! I mean, am I harming my reputation or public image to continue to use "leechan"? And if I do continue to use this name, should I use it even more? For example, all the art I submit to galleries and such, should I start using this name?

Opinions, suggestions, comments. Pretty please.


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